We offer a wide range of advertising dissertation topics employing both conventional and digital advertising methods. The list of project topics on advertising has been released after a thorough research which you can select for your academic research writing. Our writers can also provide you with quality dissertation writing help on the selected research topics on advertising. You can explore more related and relevant branding dissertation topics to get more views.

Advertisement dissertation topics

  1. Studying the concept of internet advertising, the specifics, tendencies of development, and its impact on profitability
  2. Comparison of print versus online advertising considering the impact of youth buying behaviour
  3. Analysing the fight for customer’s attention: YouTube as a platform for advertising
  4. The Impact of advertising on the intention of purchasing in social media entertainment – analysis of the effect on brand attitude
  5. Examining the portrayal of women in advertising and its impact on youngsters
  6. To study the processes and effects of targeted online advertising among children
  7. Studying the impact of consumer beliefs on consumer attitude taking in view the social media advertising perspective
  8. Impact of TV advertising on consumer buying behaviour in developing countries
  9. Role of Ad blocking on user engagement with the web
  10. Importance of informative advertising in the pharmaceutical sector
  11. A systematic analysis of internet advertising on the behaviour of teenagers
  12. Impact of junk food advertising on obesity in children
  13. Conducting generational research and advertising to millennials
  14. Focusing on the worth of advertising context taking evidence from consumer credit marketing field experiment
  15. To study the impact of consumer multi-homing on advertising markets and media competition
  16. Evaluation of advertising campaigns on social media networks
  17. Studying the formalisation impedes employee creativity and organisational innovation
  18. To analyse the positive and negative effects of advertising taking in view message framing, regulatory focus, and product type
  19. Analysing consumer attitudes towards unethical advertising
  20. To find out the impact of digital marketing strategies that appeal, motivate, or annoy the millennials
  21. To examine the young people’s awareness of the timing and placement of gambling advertising on social media and traditional platforms
  22. Focusing on comparison of advertising across cultures
  23. The case of neuromarketing while analysing the impact of music on advertising effectiveness through facial emotions and eye-tracking
  24. To study the consumer scepticism towards advertising on television media
  25. The response of bilinguals towards advertisements related to different products
  26. Exposure to cartoons promoting healthy eating on the children’s food preferences and choices
  27. A behavioural study on the advertising and marketing practices of multinational corporations
  28. Digital native advertising considering the practitioner perspectives and research
  29. Effectiveness of YouTube advertising on consumer purchasing behaviour


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