In the field of business, branding dissertation topics are based on the concept and area of branding. Branding is a process of developing an innovative and unique name for the product in the mind of consumers. The project topics on branding reflect the vast area of branding and its importance in the field of marketing and business. The research topics in the branding field are presented below and our writers can provide a quality dissertation on the selected branding dissertation topic.

Branding Dissertation Topics

  1. Branding techniques and approaches in the era of sustainability
  2. Role of branding in attracting and influencing consumer purchasing decisions
  3. B2B branding strategies in the developing markets
  4. Building brand reputation in the digital age
  5. Impact of branding management on the business performance
  6. A systematic literature review on place marketing and place branding
  7. To evaluate the impact of nostalgia marketing towards brand management and advertising engagement
  8. Relating Instagram and brand management in the case of fast food business
  9. The brand meaning co-creation process on Facebook and Twitter
  10. Importance of social networking on the brand building and development
  11. Conceptualising, measuring and managing the customer-based brand equity in the context of food businesses
  12. Strategic brand management to achieve profitability and a competitive advantage
  13. Manging the process of customer brand engagement by utilising innovative ideas
  14. Role of brand identity development and the role of marketing communications
  15. Impact of personality on brand selection and satisfaction
  16. Consumers and brands across the globe: cultural perspectives
  17. Creating and promoting the meaning of brands on social networking sites
  18. Strategic management of branding to influence the perceptions and beliefs of consumers
  19. Strategic advantage of advertising on social media to manage the brands and its success
  20. Developing a purposeful brand as a driver of consumer preference
  21. The interactive context in the process of customer brand engagement
  22. Examining the cultural meaning of brands
  23. Relationship between brands, emotions, and self
  24. History of brands and the evolution of branding
  25. Experiential brand meaning and the internal brand co-creation
  26. Destination branding and the review of city branding
  27. Relationship between brand and marketing mix
  28. Emerging concept of brand alliances in the social media context
  29. Semantic analysis and the evolution towards participative branding
  30. A study of evolution of nature and narration of brands

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